When should you schedule exterior painting services?


When should you schedule exterior painting services?

Exterior paint takes some planning, and some homeowners put it off because they don’t believe it’s a necessary task right now. However, if your home’s exterior has mold and mildew, chalking, peeling, alligatoring, or blistering, you should hire Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists in Cheyenne to give it a fresh coat of paint right away.


Mold and mildew inspections, particularly on the eterior of your home, are an important part of home maintenance. Mildew eats paint film and caulk, which means it can ruin your exterior painting. Mildew can be black, brown, gray, or green in color, and it can form as a result of too much moisture, improper priming, insufficient ventilation, or poor-quality paint. Mold and mildew on painted surfaces can be removed with a tri sodium phosphate cleaning solution or bleach. We also provide Windows Replacement Services in Cheyenne at the best price possible.


When the paint is exposed to heat and excess moisture, blisters or bubbles can form. Proper preparation or thin paint can cause blisters on your home’s paint, and paint on new lumber can blister if it isn’t allowed to dry completely. Allowing paint to fully dry and installing insulation and vapor barriers to reduce moisture can help homeowners avoid blistering. A blistered surface can be repaired by scraping the paint off, sanding the surface, priming, and then repainting your home.


Excess moisture, insufficient adhesion, too many coats of paint, blistering, application of low-quality paint, or painting over a greasy, chalky, or dirty surface can cause your paint to peel. Scraping, sanding, power washing, and heat guns are all options for removing peeled paint.


Alligatoring occurs when the second coat of paint is applied over a wet first coat of paint. It can also happen if the paint has lost its elasticity or if the second coat is incompatible with the first. The term “alligatoring” will be used by your painting company to describe the cracking and chipping of your home’s painted surfaces.


Chalking is a problem that occurs when a fine powdery substance accumulates on your home’s exterior siding. Because of thin paint applications, improper priming, or paint chemical disintegration, your paint may begin to chalk. Chalking should be removed by washing the exterior siding.

Final Words:

You don’t have to wait until your home starts to show signs of wear and tear to hire a professional painter. Contact an experienced painting company like All Seasons Roofing and Restoration Cheyenne to schedule exterior painting services.