Spooky Gutters: Signs That Your Home Is Haunted


Spooky Gutters: Signs That Your Home Is Haunted

As we approach the beginning of autumn and the arrival of winter, the Halloween season has arrived. This is a fun time for many people to dress up and get candy. Others enjoy turning to scary ghost stories or classic schlock-horror movies as part of the fun. In the spirit of scary stories, we assumed we’d tell you about some of the horrors that can use poorly maintained rain gutters to sneak up on and harm your home…RIGHT NOW! Call All Seasons Roofing and Restoration Cheyenne for Gutter Installation in Cheyenne as well.


Who hasn’t dreamed of a chitinous giant bug coming from space to take over the world? We’re pretty sure we’ve all seen that film. Although giant bugs from space do not exist, there are bugs from above that could pose a serious threat to you and your home. When your gutters become clogged, the accumulation of debris such as twigs and fallen leaves, combined with standing water, creates an ideal environment for all types of creeping and crawling insects. As the weather turns colder, these critters are pushed to seek shelter, and the next natural step is to enter your home from your gutters. We also provide Drywall Installation Services Cheyenne at unbeatable prices.


We move on to another terrifying story about an unnatural creature with no face, eyes, or heart, but an insatiable desire for human flesh! This creature, dubbed “The Blob” or “The Stuff,” isn’t just a work of Hollywood special effects magic. It may not be as large as the monster on the big screen, but if you haven’t taken care of your gutters, a monster may be living on your property! Mold, like bugs, can establish a foothold in clogged gutters and spread from there.

Water Damage

Maybe you don’t like horror movies and would rather watch a movie about a natural disaster. Something to do with the Perfect Storm or the Titanic! Again, you may face a natural disaster in your own home. While it may move more slowly, the damage to your home can still be catastrophic in the end. When your rain gutters become clogged, your roof is unable to drain properly, leaving standing water in your gutters as well as on your roof. Worse, the insidious thing about water damage in the winter is that it causes more damage as it progresses.

All of this is to say that, while there is plenty of fun to be had this time of year, make sure you also take the time to ensure your home is well-maintained. Call us at (307) 365-5470 today to schedule a gutter inspection and cleaning! Fill out our contact us form to address your concerns.