Paint Color Mistakes to Avoid


Paint Color Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re about to paint the interior of your home, you might find yourself staring at hundreds of swatches at your local hardware store, or you might find yourself staring at aisle after aisle at a paint supplier store. We understand. It is difficult to choose a color scheme for the interior of your home.

So, how can you avoid sabotaging your upcoming painting project? What are some of the most common blunders out there that you should avoid? Well, here are pointers to keep in mind as per the Exterior and Interior Painting Specialists in Cheyenne.

Too Dark for the Lighting

In low-lighting rooms, avoid going too dark. Take into account both natural and artificial lighting in your room (and think about both daytime and nighttime lighting situations). Consider whether this paint color will appear darker in this room. Will it appear too dark in the darkest of circumstances? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you should think about using a different, lighter color. We are among one of the top roofing companies providing Commercial and Residential Metal Roofing Cheyenne.

Too Light for the Dark

On the other hand, if you have a dark room, you won’t want to choose a color that is too light. Light colors can appear off in a room where a small amount of light can make all the walls appear shadowy, which can be unsettling. Choose a moderately light color in a dark space and a moderately dark color in a light space.

Forgotten Flooring

Remember that you are unlikely to replace your flooring anytime soon. As a result, your flooring will serve as an anchor for your room, and you should think about the color of the floor as you begin to look at paint swatches.

Too Much Character

Your house should sing rather than yell. While a bold accent or two can look great when used sparingly and in the right places, using too much color can look forced. Stick to a few colors that go well together, and avoid using clashing color schemes that can have “too much character.”

Too Much Matching

It’s tempting to match your paint to a favorite piece of furniture or a set of cabinets, but too much of the same color can overwhelm your space. If you’re afraid of drowning in a sea of cocoa brown, consider incorporating lighter browns, charcoals, and greys to mix and match.

Still in Over Your Head?

If you can’t decide on the best colors for your spaces, you can always rely on us to help you prepare for your upcoming painting project. We’d be happy to assist you in deciding on the best colors for the interior of your home before we begin painting. Call us today at (307) 365-5470 to get a free estimate on your next project! Fill out our contact form and we will connect with you!