How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?


How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Anyone who enjoys cleaning their gutters will be hard-pressed to find. It’s not a pleasant task, but it’s one of the most important home maintenance jobs to complete. When your gutters aren’t cleaned, they can become clogged, resulting in a slew of costly issues. Not to mention how unsightly they are in your home!

The majority of homeowners have the same question: how often should your gutters be cleaned? The answer is not so simple because it is dependent on a number of factors. As a result, we’ve created a guide to assist you in sticking to a gutter cleaning schedule. Also, for Gutter Installation in Cheyenne, call All Seasons Roofing and Restoration Cheyenne.

Cleaning your gutters in spring and fall

Gutter cleaning advice typically recommends cleaning your gutters in the spring. This is due to the entire winter’s high winds and blowing loose leaves/debris everywhere. Spring is an excellent time to unclog your gutters and prepare them for the upcoming warmer months. This should keep your gutters free of debris until the end of the season. Your gutters will suffer greatly as the leaves fall from your trees and the weather changes. As a result, cleaning your gutters in the middle of the fall season is also a good idea.

Types of trees around your home

To begin, if you have trees growing near your house, you will need to clean your gutters more frequently. You will almost certainly need to clean them at the beginning and end of fall, as well as at the end of winter/beginning of spring. It’s simply due to the proximity of the trees to your home, which increases the likelihood of leaves falling onto your roof and into your gutters. Apart from gutter installation and cleaning, we also provide Windows Replacement Services in Cheyenne.

As a result, any tree whose leaves fall will clog your gutters. The problem, however, worsens if you live near pine trees. Pine trees are unique in that their needles constantly fall off. The needles of a pine tree are shed all year, not just in the fall and winter. As a result, if you’re not careful, pine needles can quickly clog your gutters. All Seasons Roofing and Restoration Cheyenne recommends having your gutters cleaned every 3-4 months if pine trees grow close to them.

You can get this done professionally by hiring gutter cleaning services! Why risk your safety when All Seasons Roofing and Restoration Cheyenne can safely clean your gutters of debris and dirt, leaving them sparkling clean? Call (307) 365-5470 today for a free project estimate!