How Does Wind Damage Your Gutters?


How Does Wind Damage Your Gutters?

In the greater Cheyenne area, it often appears that we are in the midst of a near-constant storm season. Every time you think the weather will calm down and we’ll have a few weeks of peace and quiet, a surprise storm appears and we get snow, freezing rain, high winds, all in the same afternoon.

You may be used to checking your yard for random damage after a storm, but you should also be in the habit of looking up. Without your knowledge, your gutters could be the hardest hit victim of storm damage around your home. Because of the way most houses are built, aerodynamics cause wind pressure to be highest around the edges of your roof. This means that your gutters can withstand the brunt of the wind’s force. The Gutter Installation in Cheyenne is inexpensive when done by All Seasons Roofing and Restoration Cheyenne.

The most obvious sign of wind damage is sagging or broken gutters, which you should keep an eye out for. If you notice gutters that have become detached from your home, make sure they are addressed as soon as possible. This will result in additional rain draining improperly. As a result, water collects around the sides of your house, threatening your basement and foundation. Call the Roofing & Restoration Services Cheyenne to know more about how to maintain your gutters.

However, the damage may not be as obvious. Loose mounting brackets on your gutters pose a different risk. A cursory visual inspection may not detect this, but it can be just as damaging in the long run. When the wind pulls on your gutters, the brackets that hold them to your fascia can bend out of shape. This means that additional winds or other storm-related factors could cause damage to the gutters or fascia. Flying gutter pieces are a storm risk that no one wants to deal with near their home. To find them, observe your gutters from various angles for a period of time to see if the wind is causing them to shake.

Of course, the best way to ensure that any wind damage to your gutter is detected is to have a professional inspection performed. If you contact us today, we can schedule an inspection and determine what repairs may be required to provide your home with the best protection possible. Call (307) 365-5470 for a free estimate on your next project! If you fill out our contact form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.