7 Indications That It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof


7 Indications That It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof

When it comes to commercial roof replacement, you might not know where to begin. Your company is frequently your most valuable asset. That is why it is critical to safeguard it. In order to protect your business, your building must be in excellent condition. The first place to begin is with your roof.

Signs Which Indicate Roof Replacement


A roof blister is a bubble that develops beneath the membrane. It is commonly caused by moisture or air becoming trapped beneath the membrane. Poor installation and inadequate ventilation are the two most common causes. If you notice blisters or bubbles forming on your roof, call a qualified roofing contractor as soon as possible to inspect and repair it. You may be able to detect the issue early enough to avoid the need for a replacement project. The Roofing & Restoration Services Cheyenne may determine that a repair will suffice for this type of roofing.

Damaged Pitch Pan or Flashing

Pitch Pans are metal sleeves that are installed around any protrusions in your roof. They are the first line of defense in keeping water out of your building in the most likely area to have a problem.

Blow-Offs and Wind Damage

Blow-offs are detrimental to your commercial roof. While membrane systems are not typically prone to blow-offs, the seams on the system can separate and blow loose if they are not properly sealed. In addition, we offer Insurance Claims Service in Cheyenne. Our experts will come to your location to inspect it.

Holes or Tears to the Roof Membrane

Many buildings have critical equipment on their roofs, such as HVAC and generator systems. These specialized pieces of equipment must be serviced on a regular basis. There is always the possibility that your roofing membrane will be torn or punctured during installation and maintenance.

Roof Rot

Roof rot, also known as dry rot, is an indication that there is something more serious going on with your roof. Roof Rot is easily caused by pollen or standing water on your flat roof. Standing water erodes the roofing membrane over time, eventually causing not only the roof to fail but also structural damage to the roof.

Low spots and Puddles

Low spots on your roof may indicate that the structure of your roof is failing. If low spots are not addressed immediately, they will inevitably lead to much larger problems sooner rather than later. The best time to look for low spots is right after it rains.

Storm Damage

Unfortunately, your commercial roof cannot withstand a storm. Hail, sleet, and snow are all examples of extreme weather conditions that can cause damage to your roof. Not only is your roof vulnerable to weather conditions, but these can also bring high winds, which can blow debris onto your roof.

What’s Next?

Do you believe it is time to replace a commercial roof? If you suspect your commercial roof is suffering from any of these problems, contact All Seasons Roofing and Restoration Cheyenne to arrange for a free inspection and estimate. Call (307) 365-5470 today for a free project estimate!